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Website changed

wolfman750 a posted Nov 19, 13

We're still up and functioning normally, if you joined this website, please join our new website! :)

More news

wolfman750 a posted Nov 18, 13
The old world is coming back for now! But there will be a lot of changes coming our website for both mo creatures and pixelmon will be put together and our new site will be and the servers will be moved to vps which means they will be getting ip changes to like and or something like that after they are moved to vps pixelmon will have more ram and should have less crashes but for now we will just have to deal with them


wolfman750 a posted Nov 17, 13

Ok if the test map proves at the crashes are done with a new everything it will be staying with 1.7.2 coming out soon there really isn't a point to going back to the old one I am sorry but that is how it is going to be!


If we do keep this map we will be adding a plugin that both players and donors will us it allows you to own and summon horses and you can get undead horses and a ton of others of curse only a few breeds will be for normal players while donors will get higher breeds with different traits

bobbricks11 So are we going to keep the old map? Or is the server going to be back up today with da test map?
mistergoat88 PLEASE BE ON SOON I HOPE WE ARE ON THE GOOD OLD WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
checkman2000 if we do not keep the test server then can i keep the team i have on the test server i have screen shots.

Elite 4!

Veazed a posted Nov 14, 13
Hello CreatureCrafters!

The new Elite 4 Poll was created this very moment, and the community of CreatureCraft Pixelmon (That's you) will get to choose who will be the new Elite 4 members!

It is VERY important that you vote! Go do so now if you haven't voted yet :)

Voting is back up with some little changes hehehe there is now a % chance that you can get extra such as master ball and other little things but the few big things you can get are what are called poke tickets and we have some for normal, shiny, legendary, and shiny legendary pokemon and it is very rare that you get them except normal isnt that rare anyway I hope you like this :)

P.S you cant cheat by renaming a diamond as they have colored names and lore :P
GetNicked Already gotten master balls and rare candys
Wraithlander One of the best features you've added!!
ELITEVEN0MZ97 This is going to be great
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